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Our Social Investors are Agents of Change.

This year, GEMFUND will be in the forefront of efforts to respond to the expressed wishes of the Artisanal Gem Mineral Miners, especially Women, in East Africa - and soon Nigeria.


1) We will continue to train these entrepreneurial women in Gemology and Health and Safety best practices.

2) We will expand our vocational training projects with new equipment and learning technologies to create Value Addition, nationally and locally.

3) We will begin providing real opportunities for national marketing and international exporting - of direct benefit of the Women themselves.

These goals are hugely ambitious, but have been five years in the making.  We invite you to join our Social Enterprise.

MicroLoans & Social Investors

GEMFUND is the perfect place for anyone who wants to invest in Micro Loands and help entrepreneurs to grow their business.


We offer social investors the opportunity to make a real impact in the world, and our returns are among the highest in the industry.


With GEMFUND, you can feel confident that your money is going towards something truly valuable. We're changing lives one loan at a time, and we're always looking for new ways to help more people achieve their goals. Join us today and let's be authentic Agents of Change.

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MicroLoans to Women Entrepreneurs

 Do you want to help people in Africa and get a really cool gemstone as a reward?

 We're excited to let you know that you can do both of those things by investing in GEMFUND. For just $123 Canadian, you can help a small business owner in Africa get started and receive a beautiful gemstone as a thank-you from us.


Not only will your investment be going towards a good cause, but you'll also be receiving regular updates on how your money is being put to use.


Plus, we'll send you a certificate verifying the authenticity of your gemstone. It's the perfect way to help people in need while also getting something pretty special for yourself.

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