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MicroLoans to Women Entrepreneurs

Want to help an entrepreneur make her dreams come true?

With GEMFUND, for every 123 Canadian dollars you invest, you can help an entrepreneur in East Africa get the resources she needs to start and grow her business. As a thank you for supporting these women, we'll send you a beautiful gemstone from one of our polishing groups. 

You'll also receive a certificate from the gem lab confirming its authenticity.

By supporting these women, you aren't only helping them achieve their dreams, but also empowering them to create jobs and support their families. Invest today and make a difference that will last for generations.

Learn more about GEMFUND and how you can help women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams!


GEM🌍FUND has identified that funds are needed to assist with:

a) obtaining annual one hectare Mining Licenses, for example;
b) bus and personal transportation costs to travel to important regional centres to sell merchandise;
c) educational costs and training expenses
d) purchasing tools, equipment and inventory and supplies - even value addition gem polishing equipment

You can be a part of this and in a very real way “own” a piece of a real East African Small Business! (A sample Gemstone will be sent to you from one of our Women’s Polishing Groups as a further reward. This will include a Gem Lab Certificate.)

Please Note: Each Investment of $123 Canadian for each MicroLoan converts to less than $100USD and covers local fees and taxes.

This is self-sustaining and locally managed with oversight by our team.

Your Investment of $1,000 for example will be converted into local currencies (and local fees and taxes) and carefully overseen by our Chief Financial Officer. GEM🌍FUND distributes these fund you several miners and collects manageable Interest and provides Due Diligence to the best of our ability.

Please contact us with your questions or information on how you can become involved. We’re recruiting Gem Ambassadors and Social Investors all the time! And yes, we can introduce you to the incredible Women we work with - on Safari -in East Africa.

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