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Our Team

Collaborating Across Kenya

Introducing the amazing people who are devoting themselves to the success of our Vision.

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About Us

Rosemary Nyawira Muchangi, CEO of GEMFUND, is a distinguished leader with a robust background in geology and community development. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from South Eastern Kenya University and has completed various training programs, including the Rapid Result Initiative and Strathmore Youth Extractives Baraza. Rosemary's career at GEMFUND began as Kenya Program Director, where she  excelled in engaging with artisanal miners, conducting needs assessments, and leading financial literacy programs. Her role required exceptional project planning and management skills, as well as effective coordination with local and international stakeholders.
As CEO, Rosemary drives GEMFUND’s mission with a focus on sustainable development and community empowerment. She ensures the organization’s initiatives are impactful and aligned with their core values. Known for her excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, Rosemary adeptly coordinates complex projects and fosters a collaborative environment. Her leadership has brought significant advancements in social marketing, public relations, and value addition projects within the extractives sector. Under her guidance, GEMFUND continues to thrive, benefiting from her strategic vision and dedication to improving the lives of mining communities.

Jill Whitehouse Munyes serves as the Program Director for GEMFUND’s Youth Workz Projects, bringing her extensive experience in mining policy advocacy, strategic planning, and community sustainability. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Jill’s professional journey includes significant roles such as Programs Manager and Head of Secretariat at the Kenya Chamber of Mines, where she led nationwide programs and developed high-level community dialogues. Her expertise also spans environmental and health safety, business development, and resource mobilization, all of which are critical in driving the Youth Workz Project’s mission.
At GEMFUND, Jill’s role as Director of Policy and Government Relations has been instrumental in advancing ASM training and promoting small business and personal finance education. Previously, she coordinated sustainable mining projects and managed budgets as a Project Officer at the Association of Women in Energy and Extractives in Kenya (AWEIK). Jill’s leadership and commitment to ethical mining practices are further evidenced by her consultancy work with the Central African Natural Resource Corporation and her project execution and field research roles with The Impact Facility. Her comprehensive background in mining engineering and stakeholder engagement positions her as a pivotal figure in the success of the Youth Workz Projects.

Flora Wawuda Loveness is an accomplished tri-lingual instructor and geologist with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. She is the driving instructional force with Tassisi ya Madini and has been selected to lead GEMFUND’s efforts this year in collaboration with the Taita Taveta National Polytechnic School in Voi. Flora brings extensive expertise in geological sciences and educational leadership, making her a key figure in advancing the organization’s mission. Her role involves spearheading initiatives that integrate practical geological training with academic excellence, fostering a new generation of skilled professionals in the extractives sector. Her
leadership and dedication are instrumental in driving the success of GEMFUND’s educational programs and regional development projects.

Sheila Stam, the Chief Financial Officer of GEMFUND, brings over three decades of rich experience in international humanitarian and advocacy leadership. She has a proven track record of managing high-impact projects and teams across Africa, including critical roles with organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, War Child Canada, World Vision and Food for the Hungry. Her expertise in project and people management, especially in emergency and health care contexts, is complemented by her deep understanding of complex legislation.
Sheila's career is marked by her exceptional skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and cross-cultural communication, which have been pivotal in building strong partnerships and fostering collaboration across diverse stakeholders.
At GEMFUND, Sheila oversees financial operations and ensures the organization's fiscal health while spearheading monitoring and evaluation efforts. Her background includes significant roles such as Financial Coordinator in South Sudan, where she managed multi-million-dollar budgets, coordinated emergency responses, and developed robust protocols for effective communication and response. Her tenure program management in Haiti and Sudan involved successfully securing substantial funding and enhancing program effectiveness through capacity building and strategic stakeholder engagement. Sheila's leadership in these challenging environments underscores her ability to drive organizational success through meticulous planning, resource management, and innovative problem-solving.
Sheila's commitment to humanitarian work is further demonstrated by her extensive volunteer and community involvement, particularly through her role as a Board Member for Sauti Moja, where she focuses on projects in Marsabit, Kenya and Longito in Tanzania. These initiatives have significantly impacted many hundreds of lives, addressing critical needs in food security, education, and healthcare. Sheila has managed large-scale budgets, often exceeding several million dollars, ensuring efficient allocation of resources to maximize impact. In addition to her international work, Sheila is currently retained by a Provincial Government in Canada as a Manager of a complex, multi-stakeholder program and passionate advocate in the mental health field. Her role involves providing expert advice, leading programs, and championing the rights of psychiatric patients, reflecting her deep commitment to both local and global communities.

Davis Kambale Tayo is a distinguished professional with a robust background in enterprise strategy, banking, and organizational development. He holds degrees from Kenyatta University and the Africa Social Financing Centre. With 17 years of experience spanning corporate, institutional, SME, retail, and micro banking, Davis has honed his expertise in credit management, team leadership, strategy formulation, and performance management. His skills
in social enterprise incubation, business modeling, and partnership development have been pivotal in his role. Davis excels in portfolio management, contract negotiation, and the digitization and automation of business processes, making him a vital asset to GEMFUND’s Youth Workz Project, where he drives innovation and economic growth through strategic initiatives and technology adaptation.

Meet The Team

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