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Our Inspiration


E. E. Ted Biss, G.G.

The projects of GEMFUND are inspired by the lives and work of two remarkable men, Ernest E. “Ted” Biss and Bruce Allan Stam.

Ted was a fearless adventurer who travelled the world during WWII flying aircraft wherever they were needed. His service led to the opening of navigational flight routes that hadn’t existed previously, from the frozen North, to the jungles of South America across the deserts of North Africa.

Later he parlayed these experiences into a lifetime of travels around the globe, often in search of gemstones in remote corners. Ted developed his own polishing expertise and created a wide spectrum of cuts of finished gemstones. Well through his Retirement he continued his love of Gemology and mineral collecting.

Bruce was a true native son of Africa. He was born to missionary parents in Congo and spent his youth there and later went to school in the Rift Valley of Kenya.

He spent most of his adult life in Canada as a passionate defender of the needs of others and a commentator on International Issues and Development. 

Before passing, both men were strong supporters of the initiatives at the core of the GEMFUND Organization.

Bruce Stam

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